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Membership Benefits

MCCIANS has been formed through the efforts of the young and senior Alumni who believe that this formation can bring the MCC Alumni community to the next level of achievement in the eyes of the world.

The establishment of this Society does not only function itself to strengthen the fellowship but also has a purpose in itself to help and create a new generation of business relationship between us that can seek prosperity and cohesiveness through interactive exchanges.

There are plenty of reasons to join - chief among them is that you can enjoy all benefits offered to members of MCCIANS.

  • Business Networking
  • Career Guidance & Mentoring for Freshers
  • Special offers at Retail Establishments
  • Reunion & other MCC get-tos information
  • A full-fledged e-commerce zone to showcase your products & services
  • Classifieds
  • & More

Every Member is provided with a Membership Card that has multi uses.

Mem Card

The Membership No itself is unique and each of the 4 Nos represent

  •  1st Group - Year of establishment of the College
  • 2nd Group - Your Year of Graduation
  • 3rd Group - Your Year of Membership in MCCIANS
  • 4th Group - Membership Sequential No.

We have started actively tying-up with various establishments (some owned by MCCIANS) who would offer value-added services, Discounts to members of MCCIANS.... you can flash your Membership Card at these places for availing the special offers...

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