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a lil about the Cafe@MCCIANS

the Cafe@MCCIANS is a Social Networking platform that has been conceived exclusively for MCCIANS . A place for Business networking, sharing memories, raving about anything, interacting about careers, posting an Ad, showcasing your movie...... just about anything goes....

the Cafe@MCCIANS is one of the many objectives and features of the MCC Interactive Alumni Networking Society. which was formed through the efforts of the young and senior Alumni who believe that this formation can bring the MCC Alumni community to the next level of achievement in the eyes of the world. The establishment of this Society does not only function itself to strengthen the fellowship but also has a purpose in itself to help and create a new generation of business relationship between us that can seek prosperity and cohesiveness through interactive exchanges.

Since the Society will not be limited to Online activities only, we have purposely kept the Main site and the Cafe@MCCIANS as separate entities. However, the Cafe@MCCIANS will serve as the primary source of information dissemination.

You can Join the Cafe@MCCIANS immediately on a Promotional Membership of 30 days. Your full membership there will be fully activated only after you become a member of MCCIANS Society.

Click here to head over to the Cafe@MCCIANS