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Awrite, "MADE" stands for Music, Art, Dance & Entertainment - stuff that we are famous for, proud about....

MCCIANS will regularly conceptualize, hold, conduct events, contests, workshops, get-together to showcase the talent from the Alumni.

To begin with, we showcased Greema Michael's Paintings at GutterWoods on Sept 27th

Greema is a Economics/ Pub.Ad 2012 grad from the Woods. She is a self taught artist, who loves to explore the field of impressionism. She pursues her art career as a freelance artist. Despite having faced a lot of hardships in pursuing her passion, GM was finally able to overcome all the hurdles and push forward into winning her dream. She is also a poet and an amateur sculptor, having tried her chisel at a very young age.

More of Greema's work on her FB Page - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Greema-Michael/481627405300558

Greema's Art Show was Open from 4.00pm to 7:30pm at the GutterWoods venue.