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Dr. Josef James Memorial Scholarships

JJ Memorial Scholarships

Its that time of the year again. The Josef James Memorial Scholarships are to be given out for 'needy but deserving' students of MCC - and there are more of them than we currently have funds for!

There are three categories: Highly deserving: Rs. 4000; Medium: Rs. 3000 and Low but needy: Rs. 2000.

These may look like small sums of money to most of us - and indeed they are - but they represent huge sums for these young students whose parents have often borrowed money on interest, or pawned jewelry, to send them to MCC. Some are from single-parent families, with the mother working menial jobs to support her children through college. Some are attending college after fighting with their parents to not marry them off, or send them to work.

Many of them have come back to us years after they finished, recalling how the small amount of money we gave them made a difference in their lives. A truly humbling experience. And its been 19 years of being humbled, and awed, every year.

This year we urgently need Rs. 1 lakh to cover all those to whom we would like to give scholarships. Please do send in whatever you can spare - every little bit counts!

You can Click the Link below to Donate Online through Credit/Debit Cards, Online Banking or Wallets.

Thanks very much, in advance, especially to all you MCCians out there!

- Viju (AJ) James

If you wish to donate an amount of your choice - Click

Fixed Donations based on the above categories - Click

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