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GutterWoods 2017 - The NewZen

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Yeah.. we are back with that XMCC get-together that you've been Waiting for...

The Chennai Floods and the Vardha Cyclone played spoilsport the last two years and so we decided to make this one 2 times bigger and better...

at JJ Gardens, East Coast Road, Chennai on 11-11-2017, Saturday from 3.00pm onwards....

Awesome Beachside Ambience - one of the best beach-properties on the ECR (and a hall in case it rains)

To start with MCCIANS will be honouring 2 Alumni with the "Awesome MCCIAN Award of Recognition" for their contribution and success in their respective fields. The Recipients' names will be announced later.
(The previous Awardees can be viewed from the Past Events link).

We also plan to have a brainstorming session on
* The steps required to take BizWoods - The MCC Biz Network to the next level
* Establishing a collaborative financial grant/scholarship for two deserving poor students

We will also be launching an Android App exclusively for MCCIANS (on the likes of Tinder) for better networking.

and followed by
* Great Music - Lotsa Jammin being planned by famous past names from the Woods
* Shake a Leg - Gerry, the DJ will rock you to Rock Classics and assorted Floor Music
* Sumptuous Food - yeah, we always gave a good spread and we shall again :-)
* Great Nostalgia - You betcha there will lotsa Gutter Talk :-)

Register Now ! Lets make this an event worth remembering ...