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The BizWoods Concept

The intersection of Arts with Commerce is happening !!  cool

MCC has nurtured in us a good persona inclined to arts and various art related activities. The influence of MCC in our lives is so pronounced that our strong proclivity to Art, theatre, creativity only seems to grow. Our interactions over here in this group, as you would all agree, has been more fun and frolic. I dont think we need to ever consider aborting that spirit for its that spirit that keeps us buzzing and youthful in our thinking.

Bizwoods is all about having fun with commercial activity. We are in a enviable position to straddle both fun and business seamlessly.

To reiterate we would like to share our experience with Crowdfunding. We realized most crowdfunding projects are inclined to promoting music, theater and movies. Just goes to prove that Art is making a huge comeback. We must not wish this away or ignore this phenomena.

Bizwoods is about taking up initiatives to connect with each other and leverage the skills and capabilities of each other to be able to contribute and participate in this new development. We need to set up a framework to achieve this. Our first step will be a privilege card and then we move into other activities like sharing our competence and capabilities with the group and achieve synergies by working with each other.

We have started actively tying-up with various establishments (some owned by MCCIANS) who would offer special privileges, value-added services, Discounts to members of MCCIANS.... you can flash your Membership Card at these places for availing the special offers... Pls check the current offers from the Exclusive Offers link on the left...

Look forward to your support in this endeavour.